Dear Our Valued Customer;


Welcome to visit our website.

Here is a brief introduction about our website for you.

The items displayed on the website are divided into 6 specialized seires and exactly the same as those ones in our ERP syestem,so we only open this website to our VIP customers.


The corresponding sales will send you your own account ID and original password(password you can change in the customer center).Please kindly make a record and use it to login in our website.


The most attractive point is the items display on the website is updated everyday and you can work directly on our website,no need to back to your mail syestem.


Details as below:

1,our product developing team will update new items into our ERP system costantly and you can check the new items on the website only 12hours later.


2,Our product developing team will keep on creating new specialized series and share on the website in time.


3,In this way,we share our freshest new items with you without delay.We suggest you check our website at least 1 time per month.


4,You can choose items and put them into shopping cart and send inquiry to us directly.

Our website can identify you as the corresponding  sales’s customer who follow your business and you can choose&send inquiry on our website directly,his/her mail box can receive it and our syestem will send one message to his/her mobile phone to double inform him/she to reply you in time.


It is a little different website,right? :)

Please kindly try it and your kind commet will be highly appreciated!!

Tks&best regards

Sincerely Yours


Best Yiwu Agent